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TRIO Educational Opportunity Centers

TRIO EOC offers free assistance to individuals and families to overcome barriers to education and financial success. You choose the program or school, we provide the resources and support to ensure your success.

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Do You Live in Douglas, Shawnee or Wyandotte Counties?

TRIO EOC DSW provides free services for...

Residents of Douglas, Shawnee or Wyandotte Counties who are:

  • Adults 19 and older seeking to further their education
  • U.S. Citizens or permanent residents


  • Admissions Assistance
  • Campus Visits
  • Career Exploration
  • FAFSA Assistance
  • Financial Aid
  • Diploma Completion
  • GED Completion
  • Scholarships
  • School Selection
  • Tutoring Resources
  • Transfer Process Assistance
  • Workshops

Do You Live in Leavenworth or Franklin County?

TRIO EOC LVFR provides free services for...

Residents of Leavenworth or Franklin Counties who are:

  • Middle school and high school students (outside the city of Leavenworth) seeking to further their education
  • Adults 19 and older seeking to further their education
  • U.S. Citizens or permanent residents


  • ACT/SAT Prep
  • Admissions Assistance
  • Career Exploration
  • Campus Visits
  • FAFSA Assistance
  • Financial Aid
  • Financial Literacy
  • Diploma Completion Help
  • GED Completion Help (16+)
  • School Selection
  • Scholarships
  • Student Loan Assistance
  • Transfer Process Assistance
  • Workshops

We Specialize In and Prioritize:

  • First-generation students
  • Low-income students
  • Veterans and military families
  • Immigrants
  • Foster-care youth
  • Houseless individuals
  • And more

See who can participate - DSW and who can participate - LVFR for more information.

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Student Success Stories

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Jorge - EMT and Firefighter

There is no success without struggle. Pursue your dream to meet your goals, and fight through the struggles. Never give up! - Jorge

Jorge received support from TRIO EOC at the age of 20 years old. After graduating from high school, he moved out from home and is on his own. He found that it was difficult to juggle two jobs and make ends meet. He returned to school to pursue a career in emergency medical services/fire sciences and to eventually become a firefighter to protect his community. The EOC worked with Jorge, explaining the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and assisting him in completing the application.


Althea - Teacher

"Just do it! Don't wait any longer. Have a passion to educate and improve yourself to get a great career." - Althea

Althea attended Kansas City Kansas Community College when she was 46 years old. Althea’s mother passed away when Althea was 14 years old. She and her four siblings were raised by their grandmother, who played a significant role in Althea's desire to return to school. After the passing of her grandmother, Althea decided to pursue her dream of giving back to her community by becoming a teacher. She took classes while her children were in school. The EOC has assisted her with her FAFSA application and career goals. Althea received her Associate's Degree from KCKCC and is currently an Administrative Assistant at Topeka High School. She is an advocate and friend to EOC and has volunteered to assist with events in Topeka.


Sha - Information Technology

"Be patient, and your life will begin to change." - Sha

Sha arrived to the United States from his native country of Nepal. Being new to this country, he found things a struggle at first, but eventually enrolled at Kansas City Kansas Community College as an ESL student with the goal of earning an associate’s degree in the Information Technology program. The EOC has assisted Sha and his relatives to complete their FAFSAs and to understand the financial aid process.

TRIO Educational Opportunity Centers are federally-funded programs offering free support to help individuals achieve success in post-secondary education environments.