Financial Aid

Cost is one of the biggest obstacles to pursuing more education; closely followed by fear of debt from student loans. We can help you and your family find ways to finance post-secondary education through scholarships and grants. Loans may become a part of the equation for some, but we can help explain the costs and benefits associated with certain degrees and career paths.

Career Exploration

We utilize a service called Virtual Job Shadow to help you discover a new career path or solidify the path you’ve been following. We do this through personal assessments provided by the U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration. The assessments help provide careers that best suit you with each career offering a virtual snapshot or job shadow through video Questions and Answers. This website also offers software to help develop your resume and personal goals. 

For participants looking for proof of skills or enhancing their skills to gain a promotion, we offer workforce readiness through edmentum

For students in grades 9 – 12, this is a fantastic opportunity to begin to understand the possibilities before them. They can choose from several career paths and, with help from their EOC advisor, can develop an educational plan to guide them into their desired career. 

Adult students can take a similar path if they have not completed high school utilizing our GED completion tools. After enrolling in our online educational course (edmentum) to assess their current knowledge base, the program will prescribe online modules through predictive analytics that can be accessed anywhere online. This service is provided for free by the EOC to registered participants. Registration is also free.


We can assist you in navigating college or technical school admission forms and help you determine if entrance exams are needed. We write letters requesting that application fees be waived and provide computers for participants to fill out their paperwork.



We walk families through the FAFSA application process and help explain how and why it is important. Equally important, we instruct people how to complete their FSA ID.

Financial literacy

We offer classes and how-to sessions on money management, dealing with debt, creating a checking/savings account, retirement, emergency fund development, identifying needs v. wants, balancing a checkbook, credit, employee benefits, investments and much more.

College 101

Going back to school helps high school students and family members that have never pursued post-secondary education.

ACT & SAT Preparation

We help students prepare and understand how to be successful while taking the ACT or SAT. Proper preparation prevents Poor Performance, and we work with students on being prepared for success. If you've taken the ACT and felt you were beaten, you are not alone. It takes practice and understanding, so come practice with the EOC!

Selecting a School

We help students create an educational plan based on their chosen career path. Our desire is to help participants pursue post-secondary education (any education beyond high school; not just a college or university). We seek to limit or eliminate the financial demands of education by helping students choose the path most convenient and sensible for them.

Choosing a school involves: Cost, location, transportation, major/occupation, climate, culture, services offered, and more.

We recommend and offer FREE campus visits, taking groups of students to visit technical programs, colleges, and universities. These trips include lunch, transportation, and the support of your EOC advisor.

A different life is possible.
We can help.

To date, we’ve provided educational services and support to more than 21,000 individuals. We can help you too.


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